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The Marlborough Police Department welcomes applications from people wishing to apply for a position as a police officer in the city of Marlborough. The Marlborough Police Department has a variety of specialist units to complement the patrol force, including the Special Operations Unit (SOTU), Criminal Investigation Unit and Emergency Team.

Provide their customers with weekly updates, including, but not limited to, quarterly access to reports, and provide customers at local and global locations. Ensure that each employee is given adequate access and that customers are provided with weekly access reports and quarterly updates.

G4S will consider qualified applications with no criminal record, but G4S will consider a qualified application with a criminal record upon receipt of the relevant background check. You must have a valid Massachusetts State Police license and a permit to carry and qualify in the state of Massachusetts and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. You must have or possess the necessary training to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Municipal Training Council to be a certified police officer in Massachusetts.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the online system, please contact us if you need to apply using another method. Please tell us how you use it when you sign up and it will be convenient when you move home or when people visit or pass through.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and understand the Agency outlined above and all applicable rules, policies and procedures, as well as all other relevant information. The discussions will take place at a time to be determined on the basis of the current staffing needs of the department. If no date for the application deadline is specified in this announcement, we will hold an interview at the time of application. Unless otherwise stated in these calls for tenders, agencies have the right to set deadlines after which the post can be closed without notice. Deadlines can be set when the capacity of the item is reached, but no deadlines have been set.

More information about the PAT will be published along with other recruitment materials on, the Marlborough Police website. Further information on the written examination may be provided to candidates at a time to be determined at that time, as appropriate.

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If you are considered pre-qualified and your application enters Phase 2, you will receive an email with all the necessary documentation to submit. The software does not allow you to submit a "pre-registration" without entering something in the field. Therefore, please have a payslip or award letter with date ready within 60 days. If you have paid to your landlord, please indicate the package of the owner of the house, which has been filled in and sent by the landlord. This will be checked during the application process, as will all other required documents.